Is Amissa service biblical?

Bro. O’mefun Manuel

Why is our focus on Amissa service?
CCC members attach little or no importance to the service because it looks mystical.

What is Amissa?
Amissa service in CCC is meant to intercede in prayer for the souls of the dead, not to escape them from judgment but that their souls may receive the grace to rest until the time when Satan lose the world and rapture will take place.

Amissa is a redemptive service to free the saint from the bondage they might have met on their way back to heaven. Example: Moses (Jud 9).
When Amissa service is expected to be conducted?

It is a general believe among CCC adherents that the spirit of the departed souls wander around for 40days after burial. The first Amissa service is conducted 40th day after burial. Then, it could come up annually as the departed souls relative’s wishes or as directed by the spirit through prophecies and dreams.

Is Amissa service biblical?
Affirmative… biblical references to Amissa are Jud. 9, Zech. 3: 3.
Do the departed souls in glory or those in torment knows what is happening down here on earth?
Affirmative… According to 1 Sam. 28: 15-19. Saul affirmed his prophecy which he prophesized while in the flesh concerning Saul’s kingdom.
If from Adam till now nobody has been judged, where is the soul of the deceased?
1 Sam. 28: 11- 15… The souls of all men descended into the abode located somewhere under the earth known as Sheol in O.T (1 Sam. 28: 11-13) and hades in N.T (Luke 16:23).

Notes: Hades is the resting place for the souls of the wicked (Luke 16: 23)
Abraham’s bosom/paradise is the resting place for the souls of the righteous

What is the purpose of Amissa service?
The purpose is to set free the souls of the deceased from any attack which they might have encounter on their way back to paradise (Dan 10: 11- 13).

What is and the place of Catafalque (catafa)?
Catafalque looks very much like a coffin but it is not. Spiritually, it is mystical. However, it symbolizes the person been remembered. It is a depiction of the grave or tomb or the present spiritual state of the deceased.
What is the place of the black and the white clothes used to cover the cataphar?
A black cloth and a white cloth with a Blue cross inscribed on it: Black depicts death while white depicts light. The blue cross of the white cloth represents the power of the cross.
Black clothes is used to cover the cataphar. This is the only time where black is use in the CCC, after the special prayer for departed souls, a white cloth is used to cover the black cloth completely meaning that at this point the souls of those prayed are entitled to rest until the final resurrection. White cloth symbolizes peaceful rest.
Why do the deceased relatives sit on the walkway?
They represent the deceased. It symbolizes an appeal on behalf of the deceased seeking for the released of the departed soul.
What is the number of the candles to be lit?
9 candles = 7 candles on the altar and 1 each at both left and right hand side of the cataphar.
If it is a small child, there will not be any candle lit at the altar except only around at the cataphar because such a child is too young to be call to the altar for eternal rest (Rev. 6: 9).
If the deceased are many, the candles will be multiply by 9.

Is there any arrangement pattern to follow for the arrangement of the candles around the cataphar?
Yes… it must follow an altar shape arrangement because the candle is an altar and since the main altar cannot contain all the candle. The candle must be in a V-shape facing the original altar in the church.

12 What is the significance of the 7 fruits placed at the entrance of the church during Amissa service?
According to Rev. 2:7 CCC believe that the departed souls have gone to paradise and the main edible substance they have there is fruit of the tree of life, and that is reason hymn 153 (See Appendix 1 for the hymn) is rendered during the procession out of the church and worshippers of the Amissa service partakes from the fruits.


I am going to Jerusalem, Mo nlo si Jerusalem
I am going to Jerusalem, Mo nlo si Jerusalemu,
I have with my hands, agree to a Mo ti f’owo mi ko ‘we
good course, ohun rere,
I will not turn back again Emi ko ni pada mo

I am going into Celestial Church, Mo nlo si nu ijo mimo,
I am going into Celestial Church, Mo nlo si nu ijo mimo,
I have with my hands, agree to a Mo ti f’owo mi ko ‘we
good course, ohun rere,
I will not turn back again. Emi ko ni pada mo.
Amen. Amin


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