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What does the bible has to say about blue color?

The curtains of the tabernacle has blue as one of its colors (Ex. 26: 1).
The veil before the ark of covenant has blue as one of its colors (Ex. 26: 31).

Blue is part one of the colors of the Ephod of the priest (Ex. 28: 5-6) Hint: that is why the last approved CCC shepherds rank anointed by Rev. S.B.J Oshoffa was Senior Evangelist which their full regalia was blue in color.

The headdress for the high priest is blue (Ex.28:37) Hint: remember Senior Evangelist regalia rank comes with a cap which is blue color.
The sash or girdles for the priest has blue as one of its colors (Ex. 39:29).

Do colors have any meaning in CCC?

Yes, colors in CCC have spiritual significance and meaning.
What do we use in CCC which have correlation with the color blue?
In CCC, blue color is
Associated with prophetic ministry.
Both prophets and prophetesses at the loined rank color is blue.
It is the color of the outer garment (regalia) for Senior Evangelist, Senior Woleader/Wolida is deep blue colors while most superior evangelist color is turquoise blue and recently, assistant venerable superior evangelist, venerable superior evangelist, and assistant most superior evangelist are also turquoise blue. Just to mention a few, there are still other ranks in CCC with an iota of blue in their outer garment (regalia) such as wolima.
Do you know that:
Most CCC parishes are painted in white and blue colors.
Rev’d S.B.J. Oshoffa sepulcher is painted in white and blue colors at Imeko, Ogun State.
CCC chorister’s cape main color is blue laced with yellow.
First anointment for male is laced with blue. This is strictly for sidemen (onibode). Not all firstly anointed brothers go for sidemen (onibode).
Altar railings as well as the chorister’s cage are covered with clothes of color blue laced with yellow.
Senior Evangelist, was the highest and last anointment administer by Rev’d S.B.J Oshoffa to the generality of shepeherd before his demise, the regalia is in color blue as well as the CCC constitution.

What does the color blue stand for in CCC liturgy?
It signifies Holy Spirit! Blue in the girdle of the sideman (onibode) implies that they need the indwelling of the Holy Spirit to carry out their guardian duty in the church. Blue in the choristers cape indicate that songs they will be rendering is from the heavenly realm where Holy Spirit dwells. Blue in the girdle of the prophet implies that the prophecy to the given is undiluted form the throne of God while blue in the altar railing clothes signify that inside the CCC altar, there reside Holy Spirit.
Why is it conventional to paint a CCC worship building in blue and white colors?
The reason for this is that Holy Spirit indwell in all CCC parishes with the aim that all parishes are the redeemed one (white color).

What is the place of Amure in CCC?
Amure in CCC denotes the anointment rank of the bearer.
It marks the order of siting arrangement in worship, spiritual procession and recession.
In CCC, the fringes at the end of the edges of the loins are used spiritually in various ways:
Casting out demons and spell.
Transfer of spiritual power.

Is it mandatory to use Amure during service?
As an anointed member in CCC, you are expected to always use your girdle (Amure) for every service.
You are not allow(ed) to enter the altar arena without your girdle.
Before any male worshipper is allowed to enter the altar arena in time immemorial, he is expected to have at least 6 inscribe cross on his girdle which means he must have been elevated to the rank of a leader in the church.
An anointee that fails to participate in spiritual work, what does he stand to lose?
Great loss! Because since the day he has been anointed, it has been declared from heaven that he possess the actual power of the rank he is wearing and failure to use this spiritual power will bring misfortune to the bearer.

In a service where the choristers are expected to put on their cape but they fail to do so, what is the implication?
They have relegated Holy Spirit in such service so there is tendency that they will be worldly songs and worshippers will not be blessed in such service. In such a church and service, once Holy Spirit is relegated, evil spirit will be activated.


Is it appropriate to jump from ranks to another rank? For example, an elder brother jumping to leader rank?
It was so from inception but now bastardized. The head of the church, that is the Pastor, often approve the jumping of ranks for some members of the laities and clergy alike due to high performance of such members or sometimes as a matter of honor or due to calculation of years without anointment. But in so recent, bastardization came as a result of economic power possesses by the to-be anointee who will pay his way through to bagged any specific rank either worthy to or not.

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