Si Ilẹkun ọkàn rẹ by CCC Ibara parish


250.00 100.00



Track 1- Nibo lewa led by Bro. Gbenga Adepoju
Track 2 – Silekun led by Bukky Olasunkanmj
Track 3- Titobi Re led by Bro. Lekan Abiodun (Abija)
Track 4- Fi igbagbo Re Han Mi Led By Bro. Yomi Adeliyi (Yosiyor)
Track 5- Be Your Brother’s Keeper Led by Lekan Abiodun (Abija)
Track 6 – Moriye Led by Sister Titilope Adeliyi & Bro. Lekan Abiodun Abija
Track 7 – Ko ma soun to dun led by Bro. Gbenga Adepoju

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